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Plain Paratha               Rs.40/-
Aloo Paratha Rs.50/-
Aloo Pyaz Paratha Rs.60/-
Paneer Paratha Rs.70/-
Gobhi Paratha (Seasonal) Rs.60/-
Mooli Paratha (Seasonal) Rs.60/-
Tea Rs.15/-
Kheer Rs.60/-
Lassi Rs.40/-
Milk Badam Rs.50/-
Amul Butter 1/4 Rs.15/-
Curd Rs.40/-
Mineral Water Rs.20/-

Summer Special

Thandi Lassi               Rs.40/-
Thandi Kheer Rs.60/-
Badam Milk Rs.50/-

Winter Special

Gulab Jamun            (2 Pc.) Rs.30/-
Gajar Halwa (100g) Rs.60/-
Moongdal Halwa (100g) Rs.60/-

Daal Darbaar

Daal Arhar Fried              Rs.90/-
Daal Urad Rajma Rs.90/-
Daal Tadka Butter Rs.100/-
Daal Makhani Rs.110/-
Chana Masala Rs.110/-
Rajma Masala Rs.110/-


Aaloo Gobhi Rs.90/-
Jeera Aaloo Rs.90/-
Baigan Bharta Rs.90/-
Parwal Aaloo Rs.90/-
Methi Aaloo Rs.90/-
Bhindi Rs.90/-
Seasonal Veg Rs.90/-
Mix Veg                            Rs.100.00 / 70.00
Hari Veg 1/2                  Rs.60/-

Rasedaar Sabjiyan

Chhole Aaloo Rs.110/-
Kadhi Pakoda Rs.110/-
Veg Kofta                               Rs.110/-
Palak Aaloo Rs.120/-
Aaloo Matar Rs.120/-
Dum Aaloo Rs.120/-
Dum Aaloo Stuff Rs.130/-
Green Salad Rs.30/-
Lassi Rs.40/-
Mineral Water Rs.20/-
Amul Butter                    Rs.15/-


Matar Paneer Rs.140/-
Chhole Paneer Rs.140/-
Palak Paneer Rs.140/-
Shahi Paneer Rs.160/-
Kadhai Paneer Rs.160/-
Haandi Paneer Rs.160/-
Paneer Butter Masala Rs.160/-
Paneer Kalimirch Rs.160/-
Paneer Koarama Rs.160/-
Paneer Do Pyaja Rs.160/-
Paneer Pasanda Rs.160/-
Malaai Kofta Rs.160/-
Khoya Paneer Rs.170/-
Paneer Bhujiya Rs.170/-
Paneer Tikka (gravy) Rs.170/-
Paneer Mashroom Rs.170/-
Haandi Mashroom Rs.160/-
Kadhai Mashroom Rs.160/-
Matar Mashroom Rs.160/-
Palak Mashroom Rs.160/-
Masala Mashroom Rs.160/-
Do Pyaja Mashroom Rs.160/-
Chilly Mashroom Rs.160/-
Chilly Paneer Rs.140/-
Veg Munchurian                   Rs.140/-


Dahi Plain Rs.40/-
Boondi Rayta Rs.60/-
Kheera Rayta Rs.70/-
Mix Rayta Rs.70/-
Pineapple Rayta             Rs.80/-


Taba Roti Rs.8/-
Tandoori Roti Rs.8/-
Butter Roti (Tandoor) Rs.12/-
Butter Roti (Taba) Rs.12/-
Missi Roti Rs.30/-
Tandoori Pyaaj Roti Rs.20/-
Papad dry Rs.15/-
Papad fry                        Rs.20/-


Plain Naan Rs.40/-
Butter Naan Rs.50/-
Aaloo Naan Rs.60/-
Pyaaj Naan Rs.60/-
Stuff Naan Rs.60/-
Garlic Naan Rs.50/-
paneer Naan Rs.70/-
Shahi Naan                     Rs.70/-

Paratha taba

Paratha (Plain) Rs.30/-
Aaloo Paratha Rs.40/-
Aaloo Pyaaj Paratha Rs.50/-
Pyaaj Paratha Rs.50/-
Stuff Paratha Rs.55/-
Paneer Paratha               Rs.60/-
Stuff Missi (taba) Rs.50/-

Paratha Tandoor

Lachha Paratha Rs.40/-
Aaloo Paratha Rs.50/-
Aaloo Pyaaj Paratha Rs.60/-
Stuff Paratha Rs.60/-
Stuff Missi Rs.60/-
Paneer Paratha               Rs.70/-


Half Full
Rice Plain Rs.50/- Rs.80/-
Jeera Rice Rs.60/- Rs.90/-
Masala Rice Rs.80/- Rs.130/-
Veg. Biryani Rs.80/- Rs.130/-
Fried Rice Rs.80/- Rs.130/-
Veg. Pulav Rs.80/- Rs.130/-
Matar Pulav Rs.80/- Rs.130/-
Paneer Pulav Rs.90/- Rs.140/-
(Gravy) Rice Mix Rs.90/- Rs.140/-
Daal Chawal Mix Rs.80/- Rs.120/-
Rajma Chawal Mix Rs.80/- Rs.120/-
Chhole Chawal Mix Rs.80/- Rs.120/-


Matar Paneer, Seasonal Sabji, Daal fried, Rice, 4 Butter Roti, Rayta, Salad. Rs.170/-

Kadhai Paneer, seasonal Veg, Daal Makhani, 1 butter Naan, 1 Missi Roti, Rayta, Jeera Rice, ek sweet piece, Salad. Rs.220/-

*Charges are applicable on taking anything again in Thali.